Watch Episode 1 of our new series Cypher Sessions

We’re excited to present an intimate look into NYC’s Legendary Cyphers…

It’s 8pm on a Friday night, and New York City’s Union Square is bustling. Aside from the standard tourists and guitar-wielding street performers, a group congregates to show off its rhyme skills. This is Legendary Cyphers, and its ever-growing list of members spend their Friday nights free-styling and celebrating the art of hip hop.

In Episode 1 of our newest series, Cypher Sessions, we follow Legendary Cyphers founder Majesty—an emcee by night and social justice organizer by day—as he explains his motive behind the movement and how he had the opportunity to bring the cypher all the way to Palestine.

Watch the inaugural episode below and stay tuned for Episode 2 on Wednesday, November 18.