Quan Dunbar

Quan studied communications at Centenary College in hopes of becoming a radio programmer for one of the urban stations in NYC. It was during that period in his life that he realized he had a gift for being an effective communicator and would be best suited with helping consumer brands communicate their strengths.

In 2004 Quan landed a position with a startup company called Glaceau, that would become famous for their two main brands, vitaminwater® and smartwater®. Quan was tasked with heading up the field marketing initiatives designed to build brand awareness and drive retail growth. During his tenure Quan would hold for numerous marketing positions within the company leading into the acquisition of Glaceau by the Coca-Cola Company in 2007. After the acquisition, Quan would become the Northeast Regional Marketing Manager for seven brands under the Coca-Cola Company umbrella.

Quan left Glaceau/Coca-Cola when he was recruited to be the Director of Marketing at Ciao Bella gelato in May 2013. His first campaign was in celebration of Ciao Bella’s 30th anniversary. Quan was tasked with assembling a diverse team of brand ambassadors and partners to execute a series of Pop-up experiential events designed to drive brand awareness as well as strengthen market share in NYC. The most press relevant of which being the “Elevator Gelateria” executed at the IAC Building on Manhattan’s west side.

Quan has been bridging the gap in the consumer packaged goods arena with innovation and creativity for over a decade. His passion and experience with brand building is what inspired him to want to build the Bridge Agency with his partners.

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